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Alright you gear heads. We know you have gear in your stash that you just don’t use over your other favorite gear. Bring it down to consign! You’ll earn money and help someone outfit their gear stash! 💥
Not on this square: we could use some feminine rain gear, technical shorts and t’s! 
Not an exhaustive list, just some highlights on what we could use soon!
We’ve got some good tents (and hammock tents) in stock. They don’t stick around long.
While we normally shy away from tents bigger than 4-person, we couldn’t resist this mint @eurekacamping 6-person Timberline that has enough headroom for our tallest staffer, Colin. He’s gotta be about 7 foot (from the perspective of this 5’3” author). 
Great for a growing family and/ or dogs doing some base camping. $300.
It’s our boss’s mom’s birthday today. And our boss, @zipperfixer is nowhere to be found. Not really. But he’s in another country. So we’ll make sure she feels the love. ❤️ Please help us wish her an awesome day! 
Happy Birthday, Louise!! 🎂🎉🥳
We love your shop visits!
We have LOTS of Portage Packs! @duluthpack @frostriver1910 @portage.north. Come on down and get ready for your BWCAW trip! 🛶🛶🛶🛶🛶🛶🛶
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Stop on in before you consume too many brats and can’t move because of food coma.
Some call it retro, we call it historical. 

This pack came in and we are not sure if we should put it in a museum or put it back out into the world. I’m going to take a stab that Yvonne Chouinard would say, put it back outside… on the trail!

For those uninitiated into nerdy outdoor brand trivia, Chouinard Equipment was the precursor to @patagonia and Black Diamond Equipment. Yvonne would start Chouinard in 1957 and would become corporately known as Great Pacific Iron Works Inc in 1973 and included the brand, Patagonia.

This pack, known as the Creag Dubh (Gaelic for “Black Crag”) has a capacity of 1600 cubic inches, which is about 26 liters. A very common size for a day pack even in 2024! It’s made from 15 oz ballistic nylon and has a heavy duty zipper that puts the tiny lightweight zippers on high tech gear to absolute shame. This pack has been in circulation since the late 70’s, according to the consigner. (This author says, “The mid to late 70’s was a great time to be introduced to the world”. )

We did one small repair where the zipper anchor point was reinforced, meaning it has another 40 years of life, minimum, ahead. See picture for a close up. 

We are offering this piece of still functional history at a market value of $325.00. We don’t normally ship here at DGE but for this gem, we will consider domestic shipping. 

Stop in for a look or shoot us a message if you’re interested in owning this awesome piece of equipment.
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